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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Resignation and Out of work

Yeah, Isend in my resign papers and say goodbye to my boss, and immediately lost my job today.

I've been keeping busy these three years when left my campus life, haven't time to think other things except job, haven't time to have some fun, to read some books, to write some articles, even haven't time to fall in love with some one.

Then one day I feel so tired and start thinking my current life, I suddenly think my life, my job is so shucks & boring. when this feeling start, I will never stop, this feeling just grow up strong and stronger and keep torturing me. Is this what i really want? No! I answer to myself, it's going too far away my ideal, when i studied in high-school and university i never believe one day my life will comes like this, have nothing but just work like a machine.

I need some changes and i decide to resign. I don't know what I'm doing is right or not, I just did that, end my daily job, then wait my happiness or punishment, good things or bad things, whatever, all of them are changes,right?

Then maybe sleeping couple days, drinking bottles of beers, listening some pop musics, watching some porn or non-porn movies, masturbating several times, dreaming some normal or weird dreams, traveling some beautiful or ugly places, and weeks later, searching for another god damned f**king job to earn some money and continuing crap life everyday....

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