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Friday, August 10, 2007

Struggle in Typhoon & Heavy Rain

Well, this year's first typhoon is coming today, when i lost my f**king job.

I'm walking in the heavy rain, wearing my totally wet clothes, feeling so bad & so lonely. Life seems hopeless and helpless these days, i'm tired of working hard but get less, but it's difficult to find a job you like or at least interested in, even after so many interviews.

I know it's my fault, i also know i should not desire so many things, i should appreciate i had a job to do when many fresh graduates unemployed, ha-ha--

It's just that, actully i don't what i wanna do and what i can do now, my brain is empty and heart is broken. i wish these hard times and bad mood quickly passed, then i wish i can find my happiness back...

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