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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot Fuzz: World's Best Black Humor

Simon Pegg's Hot Fuzz &


Well, I found this film on the DVD special features of "Mr.Bean's holiday" on July, It's just the preview & movie advertisement but very attractive, so I decided to watch it. At first I plan to download it from internet by BT or Emule, what's the pity, the seeds are so limited on internet, so next day I was looking for its DVD in several DVD stores and pirate stores when i'm off duty.

And finally I got it, it's pirate made in Russia, english-speaking with russian caption. BTW, there isn't legally version imported or published in China for these not-so-popular films, and there are so many Russian DVD private appears in many Chinese city these days, very strange, because all the privates we watched before was made in our own country...maybe the reason is government's strictly beat to force them to import russian ready-made dvd to earn more...

Anyway, I watched it on my computer late on night on 2007-7-5. When this film come to the end it's 1:55 wee hour on 2007-7-6, but i'm so excited about this excellent film so I sent SMS to my friends to tell them about this and recommend them to watch when all of them sleep deeply, lol... and I then use DVD-to-mp3 software to rip its soundtrack to my mp3 player to listen and use it to take exercise my english listening...

The SMS content as below:
*The world's best black humor film in history! 史上最强的黑色幽默!
*The most wonderful film I watch these years! N年来看过最好的电影!
*Not one of best, it's absolutely the best! 没有之一,绝对唯一!
*Best screenwrite best film edit best picture best visual effects best acting! 编剧一流剪辑一流摄影一流画面一流演技一流!
*God damned f**king, all are so best, have no words to describe! 靠,好的没话说,绝顶! Hot Fuzz! 火辣警探!

And there are more and more discuss and webpages about simon pegg now, so this funny guy is more and more popular in China, wish there are more and more Simon's new films comes...

Forget to say... 忘记说的……
@ Angel pass the shortcut successful because his failure in "Shaun of the dead" Angel跨栏走捷径,是跟僵尸肖恩里的跨栏走捷径出洋相呼应。
@ The DVD Fat boy Ed watched in superstore is Jackie Chen's film named "Cop's story‘.. 胖子在书店翻看的碟片:是成龙的警察故事。
@ The toothpick. the pigeons, the gun-shoot style is tribute to John Woo's Hong Kong films... Angel返镇时叼着的牙签、冲锋时飞起的白鸽、突击时双手持枪和双枪射击:是致敬吴宇森的电影和周润发的演技,这点Simon在访谈中有提到。
@ The plant Angel hold in the arm is tribute to Luc Besson's "leon'... Angel调遣到桑德镇抱着的一盆植物:是致敬吕克·贝松导让×雷诺主演的这个杀手不太冷或叫杀手莱昂。
@ And others tribute to "Bad boy" and "point break'... 其他诸如模仿Bad boy和point break等,就更明显了。

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