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Thursday, December 27, 2007

God damned f**king thief stole my mobile phone

This's a bad day, I wake up lately this morning and run to the bus station, as the bus comes many people crowd at the gate, and when I get on I suddenly find that I lose my mobile phone, then I know what happens, some thieves take the chance of this crowded scene.

This's the third time my mobile phone was stolen, this time its Samsung SGH-D908i, worth nearly 3000RMB, and I use to putting some important contacts or files on the SD-card, so its disastrous, for 3 times! I will never buy a expensive phone again, god damned f**king thieves. I just comfort myself that the bad things which may happens on me will turn to happens on thieves every time I was stolen...and they deserve it.

And what's more ironical, people live in Shenzhen city of South China aways say congratulation when they heard you are stolen, and they say if you were not stolen or been robbed before then you are not a Shenzhen resident! This can show you how many thieves and robbers in this city and how usual people was stolen. And you even should feel lucky you are not hurt physically
, there are many kind guys were badly hurt or dead when stole or rob happens on everyday's top news report.

What a bad day! Just use this blog to memorialize my phones and my trousers lacerated by thief's sharp knife...

今天早上赶公交车时,非常拥挤。好不容易挤上车后立即发现手机不见了,很明显的是在挤上车的过程中被人偷了,说不定这帮小偷已经在我等车的过程曾中盯住我 很久了,经常听人说有一帮小偷团伙在附近几个站点蹲点,就等着乘上车拥挤的时候偷盗,很不幸这次我又中招了。妈的,这帮该死的杂碎寄生虫!这已经是来深圳 3年时间里第三次被偷了,每次都损失惨重。手机本身很贵而且手机存储卡里放了很多重要资料和很多重要联系人电话,现在补卡后全没了……

但是讽刺的是,很多人听说后都会心一笑说被偷太正常了,平常心对待吧,因为在深圳没被偷过抢过就不是真正的深圳人。而且被偷反而应该感到庆幸,因为至少身 体上没有受到伤害,而很多关外的被偷被抢者轻者重伤重者死亡,每天的新闻都能看到这些故事在发生。我也只好每次都安慰自己说破财消灾破财消灾,每被盗一 次,说不定那些本来也许会发生在我身上的不好的事情或遭遇都会转移到偷盗者身上。我相信,作恶作劣者必遭天谴。


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