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Monday, December 24, 2007

First time been in the church

Yeterday is midwinter (The winter coming day ) of lunar calendar, but it's still hot in Shenzhen city of south china, we just wear a T-shirt each day.

Then here comes Chrismas Eve, and suddenly I wanna go to the church to feel this most important festival in West. Shenzhen has 5 or more churches, I passed by two of them many times but never get in, so today I chose Meilin Church.

I won't believe there are so many people here if I don't see it myself. They crowd 4 floors inside or outside and there are more coming. When the ceremony begins, people start singing songs and pray and performance and I know why Christianism is so popular in the world, it's based in the community and connect tightly with society and everyone in the church is kindly and polite, it don't like the Buddhism, all the temple builded in the deep mountain, far away from city or village, and the monks don't like contacting people, so Buddhism is just popular in some east countries, people who trust Buddhism just comfort themselves that if your heart have Buddha, the Buddha is everywhere...But I still love Buddhism more, for its mystery and peaceful core value thought, the west religion is more invasive and little dark to describe the human nature.

But as the ceremony going on, I find that most of people come here just for curious, I mean of course there are many true Christian who pray and sing the songs and shrive seriously, but most people come here today treat it like a big party, just for fun. I don't know why all the foreign culture or custom changed after they come into China, chinese people like jollification, they can absorb and assimilate and destroy then rebuild everything, I think, maybe Chinese Culture is so strong and powerful, maybe this is the reason. For example, in the history, the minority can invade and rull Han people but they will accept and be rulled by the Han culture.

Blah, blah……any way, Merry Chrismas and Happy on this Holy Night.





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