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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Twitter&Fanfou:090101-090131

English on Twitter:

  • First day to get work after long vacation. Have terrible jet lag problem cause days & nights are reversed during holiday4:02 PM Jan 31st from mobile web
  • So depressed to watch the 5th season of "Six Feet Under", especially the ending and the song "Breathe Me" sing by Sia...8:27 AM Jan 30th from mobile web
  • Plan to celebrate the CNY eve together but host is absent right now, so i stand outside his home alone waiting for him..10:44 PM Jan 24th from mobile web

Chinese on Fanfou:

  • 第五季的“六尺之下”是如此让人绝望,尤其是结局篇。很少看到把生活拍的这么深刻的剧集,绝望的真相。 2009-01-31 00:21 通过手机上网
  • 今儿大年三十,打算同事家过除夕。提前到了不想同事不在家,正一个人坐在楼下花园小凳上憨等.... 2009-01-25 14:25 通过手机上网
  • 疯狂的第一天,一直睡到接近下午2点钟才起床…… 2009-01-01 13:51 通过网页
  • 基里巴斯——汤加——新西兰——斐济——图瓦卢——瑙鲁——瓦努阿图——所罗门群岛——澳洲——巴布亚新几内亚——...——中国是全球第12个进入2009年的国家。2009已经到了,新年好:) 2009-01-01 00:14 通过网页

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