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Saturday, December 13, 2008

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English on Twitter:

  • Night, thanks-giving day, drinking in Party Bar of Fuzhou city. I'm in the mood of this thankful festival. 4:56 AM Nov 27th from mobile web
  • Happy thanks-giving day. Thanks everyone who ever help me, care about me and still remember me. 6:54 PM Nov 26th from mobile web
  • Arrived at Fuzhou city now, my first time come here. Many temples and rivers here under the airport highway, wonderful. 5:45 PM Nov 24th from mobile web
  • Now boarding on Shenzhen airline's small plane leaving for Fuzhou city 3:09 PM Nov 24th from mobile web
  • "Harmony" train leaves for Guangzhou east station to meet mom who long distance comes. 5:27 PM Nov 21st from mobile web
  • 11.11, happy single's day to myself. Wake up late, and will be late at work. So it is another crap day, uha? 4:16 PM Nov 10th from mobile web
  • Don't like Obama, don't like McCain either. Sad about the result at this bad time, sad about USA in this situation:( 2:57 AM Nov 5th from mobile web
  • Today, Nov.4th, is 2008 american president election day. Can we expect our own election day in China? 3:59 PM Nov 3rd from mobile web

Chinese on Fanfou:

  • 入夜,感恩节,福州派提酒吧饮酒中,气氛不错。2008-11-27 20:50 通过手机上网
  • 每年11月第4个星期四,感恩的机会。感恩节快乐。感谢每一个照顾过我帮助过我还记得我的亲朋。2008-11-27 10:44 通过手机上网
  • 已到福州,第一次来,机场高速延线很多宗祠寺庙,民宅别具一格。2008-11-25 09:34 通过手机上网
  • 又是深航小飞机,正在登机前往福州...2008-11-25 07:05 通过手机上网
  • 和谐号前往广州途中接远道而来的妈妈。2008-11-22 09:20 通过手机上网
  • 11.11,恭祝自个儿光棍节快乐。起晚鸟,上班要迟到鸟。2008-11-11 08:12 通过手机上网
  • 不喜欢奥巴马,也不喜欢麦凯恩,而且还在这么不好的时间。这次真的不喜欢美国走到这个境地,感觉跟台湾差不多了。2008-11-05 19:03 通过手机上网
  • so fucking sad2008-11-04 20:32 通过 GTalk 签名
  • 11月4号,今天,2008美国总统大选投票日。能期待我们自己的投票日么?2008-11-04 07:56 通过手机上网

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