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Saturday, October 18, 2008

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English on Twitter:

  • Now I stand on the peak of BaDaLing Greatwall after 3 hours climbing. Tired. But the view here is so good. Great! Wall! 1:34 AM Sep 20th from mobile web
  • Now I can have my first wonderful lazy weekend in Beijing during busy bussiness trip, will climb the Greatwall tomorrow. 4:06 AM Sep 19th from mobile web
  • Thank god, eventually arrive Beijing safely. 12:57 AM Sep 16th from mobile web
  • And I got a cold before festival, take pills till now. Really in big pain. Don't know why these bad things happen on me. 7:45 PM Sep 15th from mobile web
  • Bored wait plane so call friend to complaint, but she tells me her dad passed away at Mid-autumn festival, feel so bad. 7:37 PM Sep 15th from mobile web
  • I'm late for 5 minutes, they don't let me on board. I need to change another plane 3 hours later! And RMB450! So shit!! 6:56 PM Sep 15th from mobile web
  • Now sit on airport bus to catch China Airline's plane leaving for Beijing, time is so tight, will I miss it? Worring... 5:18 PM Sep 15th from mobile web
  • Deeply deeply moved by the song and this blind singer. Touching, thankful, from my deep heart. Wish everyone be healthy. 7:04 AM Sep 6th from mobile web
  • 2008 Beijing Paralympic Opening Ceremony is going. It's ok but not that good as Olympic Opening as our goverment said :( 5:28 AM Sep 6th from mobile web

Chinese on Fanfou:

  • 经过近三个小时的艰苦攀登,我现在站在八达岭长城的最高端,风景高处独好。2008-09-20 15:29 通过手机上网
  • 终于可以闲下来,度过出差期间在北京的第一个惬意周末,明天可以去爬长城啦。2008-09-19 18:49 通过手机上网
  • 终于平安到达北京2008-09-16 15:53 通过手机上网
  • 无聊的等待飞机,电话向朋友抱怨时,朋友安慰我后却告诉我她父亲在中秋节当天过世了,我的郁闷顿时变成愧疚。在大悲面前,金钱损失变得渺小而可笑。最近不知怎么了,老有不开心的事发生。中秋前两天,我还得了肾结石,连着输液吃药,还好不严重。2008-09-16 10:30 通过手机上网
  • 终于还是迟到了五分钟,国航不让登机,改签到中午12点,要多花将近五百大洋,太恨人了。2008-09-16 09:41 通过手机上网
  • 一大早急急忙忙赶国航前往北京的飞机,不料中途肚痛下车解决,现在坐在下一辆机场巴士上,时间已很赶。不知道会不会误机,担心中...2008-09-16 08:11 通过手机上网
  • 盲人歌手的歌声深深的打动了我。感动,来自心灵深处。2008-09-06 21:48 通过手机上网
  • 零八北京残奥会开幕式已正式开始。感觉慢吞吞的节奏脱节,画面感也不好。目前为止还没有震撼和让人眼前一亮的场景,继续期待中...2008-09-06 20:10 通过手机上网

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