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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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English on Twitter:
  • Study at part-time school to prepare the MBA entry exam. Then can get high position & salary & can retire at age of 45. 01:26 PM April 05, 2008 from web
  • God damned Gotone brand of f**king China Mobile, I have to pay RMB200 extra fees per month & can't cancel it in a year. 12:38 PM April 04, 2008 from web
Chinese on Fanfou:
  • 下午去上课了,为考MBA做准备,学费太贵,高等数学知识也丢光了,从头出发,追求高学位高薪高职,然后在45岁退休,去周游列国,爱睡睡爱醒醒,等快老死时花光所有积蓄,就是我理想的生活状态了。2008-04-05 12:46 通过手机上网
  • 该死的中国移动全球通霸王条款,含糊不清的套餐条款害我每月要多付两百多元,一年内还不准取消。2008-04-04 12:28 通过手机上网

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