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Thursday, February 14, 2008

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English on Twitter:
  • It's not film, "The day after tomorrow" actually happens in mainland China. Weather these days is the worst in 50 years. 07:19 PM February 02, 2008 from web
  • Eventually I can't go home after spent so much money because of the heavy storm&snow, why not be white after I go home? 01:38 PM January 30, 2008 from web
Chinese on Fanfou:
  • 天气太恶劣,300多元买的票今天81元退掉。现实版“后天”正在全球上演,并远比电影惊险。我们,应该真正重视全球变暖和臭氧层空洞问题了。2008-02-02 19:09 通过手机上网
  • 暴雪,为什么不等我们这些游子回家后再下?为什么不在我们辛劳一年后给我们一个白色春节的安慰?反倒要在举家团圆的日子把众多人挡在异乡或滞留途中?风雨中,在异乡遥想故乡。2008-01-30 00:11 通过手机上网

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