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Friday, November 23, 2007

Eventually got an offer

When i hotheaded resigned on September, i think it's easy to change an industry and get a higher position & salary, so i never worried about my future, but i was wrong, totally wrong. i overrated my abilities, the reality is harsh, and it's more harsh to get an higher position & salary in this season.

A smart guy will not resign at the end of the year because of the year-end bonus and the double salary of the final month. It's a huge amount about 20,000RMB, but i give it up. I can't tolerate my job any more at that time and i try to make myself believe i make the right decision and will have a better future, and it's worth to give up 20,000RMB.

Any way, past is past, then unfortunately i'm unemployed for 2 months, there are not many vacant positions in this season because as i say, a smart guy will not resign at the end of the year, meantime result in rarely job opportunities, especially good job opportunities. I send hundreds of my resumes through job searching websites and get lots of help from friends for recommendating me but get less than 10 interview chances, lol...

For this 10 chances, I cherish all of them and try my best to prepare, to study, to practice, to perfect myself, but still failed most of them, and the rest don't fit for me, it's so hurt. I'm so disappointed and depressed and suspect the whole thing and feel myself crap and all shit...2 months! OMG!

Then suddenly i find a vacant postion of an famous American company, i heared it's difficult to enter this company but still send my resume, just for a final try, if i fail again i will leave this city and go to Shanghai to lucky i received a call to join the written examination and interview, and more luckily pass it and then pass its second and third interview and finally got an offer...

So never give up yourself, even you think you are at the bottom of your life and depressed even wanna kill yourself, but try to hold on, never give it up, we should trust we will succeed, then maybe the real good opportunities will come.

Wish all of us have good luck.

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